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Private Nutrition Counseling

Are you tired of diets that have only worsened your relationship with food? Want to eat without guilt, feeling obsessed, or fear that you'll lose control? Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? This is the place for you.


We specialize in eating disorders, sports nutrition, intuitive eating, and digestive issues. We are HAES and weight-neutral providers and accept all persons seeking support.

You are worthy of a joy-filled life, exactly as you exist now.

In a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive private counseling environment, we will work together to find a solution and help you develop a healthy relationship with food and body. You will begin to trust your body, without diets or restriction.

What are clients saying?

AH (she/her)

"Abbey has changed my life. Even though we hadn't been working together for a long time, she made such an impact. She helped me figure out the cause of my 12 years of food trauma, and that it wasn't all my fault. She helped me overcome my shame in food. She helped me with binge eating, body image, and so many things I'm not able to list them all. We both love so many of the same things it was kind of crazy! We got along so well that I started to think of her as a friend. She helped me think about weight and weight loss in a whole new way, and I've never felt more liberated! After years of trying, she has helped me kickstart my health. I will never, ever forget her and what she's done for me."


CN (she/her)

"I cannot thank Abbey enough for how she has helped me change my life. When I started I was miserable due to such a toxic relationship with food and body image. I can now truthfully say that I am so much more present in life and in my relationships with others since I am no longer obsessing over everything that I’m eating and always self conscious of how I look!"

LA (she/her)

"Working with Abbey has literally changed my life, and my perspective on food and nutrition in general! I came to her at a time in my life where I was experiencing huge changes and was dealing with a new diagnosis of IBS, and was attempting to quit nicotine. This had huge adverse affects with my digestive system. I went to a gastroenterologist, but personally experienced a very surface level solution with medication as the main solution. Abbey listened to everything I had been going through, and approached a solution very holistically. She wanted to find out what was happening and approach a solution that worked for my lifestyle.

In only 6 months I went from not being able to eat much without stomach issues, fearing any food would cause me stomach pain, to knowing my body better than ever. Abbey coached me through everything I was experiencing and helped me get to a point where I felt I could be curious about my diet instead of fearful. I would definitely recommend Abbey to anyone looking for nutritionist advice, and tell anyone I know to head to her for service. 11/10 would recommend."


What happens when you trust your body?

Enjoy eating without rules or restrictions

More time and energy to devote to other things 

Less food preoccupation

Break the cycle of generational dieting

Improved body image and self-worth



SH (he/him/they)

"During our sessions, Abbey eliminated all of my fears. I always wanted to quit dieting, but had no idea where or how to start. Abbey not only taught me so much about food and body image, but about myself too. She constantly believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Each session led me to a life of more compassion towards myself - and it is SO freeing. I would recommend Abbey to anyone looking to stop dieting forever!"


DS (she/they)

"I cannot rave about working with Abbey enough! Abbey has a thorough plan for each session and is so encouraging. Before meeting Abbey, I never even thought recovery was possible. Now, I can eat past fear foods without worry of a possible binge. I have less anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and fear with food or my body. More wins to come!"



AK (she/her)

"Before starting my work with Abbey, I was struggling with binge eating and feeling so uncomfortable in my body. I have a larger body and always thought I needed to lose weight to have a healthy relationship with food. Now I'm eating foods that were banned and not binging. I always felt like Abbey truly cared, something I haven't felt before in working with other providers."

What We're About

  • We are in alignment with Health At Every Size, Body Trust, and Intuitive Eating principles
  • We are committed to practicing non-diet medical nutrition therapy that is trauma-informed.
  • We recognize counseling can be intimidating. We value a more authentic approach in which we develop a trusting relationship to have a conversation, be ourselves, laugh, and find a solution that works for you.
  • We recognize that one-size does not fit all
  • We believe our clients' are resilient and able to overcome adversity. 
  • We are supportive and believe non-judgmental care is transparent.
  • We advocate for bodies of all shapes, weights, and sizes to have equal care.
  • We believe that you know your body best through your own lived experiences.
  • With your permission, we will work with your clinical team (therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, etc) and support people as appropriate for your needs and care plan.


Current Private Pay Rates:

  • Initial nutrition assessment session: $180*

  •  Follow-up nutrition sessions: $150*


  • Premera and Regence plans in WA state only.

*Sliding scale pricing offered to those who qualify.

All appointments are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted. This is a weekly or every other week commitment. A credit/debit card on file is required to hold your appointment.  Sessions are 100% confidential through a HIPAA compliant telehealth portal. 

Requesting an appointment does not lock you in. You will have a 15 minute call with us to share your experience, what you are seeking support for, and to see if this is a good fit. Once we determine you are a good fit we will find days/times to meet that work best for you. We're excited to meet you!


This option is for you if

  • You feel more comfortable in a 1-on-1 setting
  • You want a neutral or accepting relationship with your body
  • You are tired of feeling guilt or shame around food
  • You want to improve your digestion or ease GI symptoms
  • You want to be fully present in your own life again
  • You were recently discharged from an eating disorder treatment center
  • You are ready to recover from an eating disorder​

We specialize in size-inclusive nutrition therapy for those struggling with disordered eating/ eating disorders (binge eating, bulimia, restrictive), intuitive eating, and digestive issues. We work with ages 13+.

ZA (she/her)

"I'm a full time college student and work part time. Prior to working with Abbey, I had no idea the stress I had put on my body image and relationship with food. I just knew I wanted to stop thinking so much about my body.  Throughout many sessions of me being sick or anxious, Abbey was always very encouraging and held no judgement. Just a few weeks into working with Abbey, I could already notice positive shifts in my thoughts with food and body. Investing in these sessions seem so small, when reaping the physical and mental reward of it all. Today, I can honestly say that I'm free from guilt with food and have reached body neutrality!"

RJ (she/her)

"Working with Abbey completely transformed my body image! I was so nervous to start and, honestly, wasn't sure if it was the right fit for me. After our first 2 sessions, I already felt changes! Now, a few short months later, I am able to accept and appreciate my body. All of this seem impossible for me before meeting Abbey."

Good Faith Estimate

As of January 1, 2022, all healthcare providers are required to provide estimates for the costs of your care. You are entitled to receive a copy of your Good Faith Estimate (GFE) when you schedule an appointment, and/or upon request.  The GFE shows the cost of items and services that are reasonably expected for your healthcare needs and treatment. This protects you from balance billing and other unexpected charges.  Abbey Roberts Counseling provides you with a GFE upon scheduling and/or upon your request. This Good Faith Estimate does not include unexpected costs that could arise during treatment.  Unexpected costs may include fees for outside referrals, late cancellation and/or no-show fees, etc. The GFE supplied by our office covers the providers at Abbey Roberts Counseling LLC.